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ISAR International Journal of Mathematics and Computing Techniques

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      The purpose of ISAR IJMCT is to bring together the specialists, experts and researchers from industries, government agencies and academics for the development of Technology which may improve the life of common people. This will also provide a forum for fruitful exchange of ideas and information about ongoing research & developments in Engineering & Technology

      1. Should be a holder of PhD degree from a recognized university.

      2. Should be an author with a minimum of a 4 publications in reputed journals.

      Board Members & Reviewer?s duties:
      1. Contribute the popularity of ISAR IJMCT,
      2. Initiate the scholars to put papers in ISAR IJMCT,
      3. Board members should help the quality improvement of journal,
      4. Board member should bring ISAR IJMCT as one of leading journal in the world

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